Friday, 19 August 2011

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After a good discussion with a friend from uni, things are starting to take a more organised shape with regards to the charity events I want to get up and running on campus. Hurrah! I had loads of Word documents with brainstorming here, there and..well.. everywhere. Now, though, I have my six events chosen, the names of the people I need to contact, and a rough idea of venues and dates. Not bad for an hours work!

It was suggested that we try and get a stand for Fresher's Week, so that we can let people know about the events, and just raise as much interest as possible. I hadn't even thought of doing anything at the Fresher's Fair, so it shows that two heads are better than one when it comes to planning this sort of stuff out! There will also be a cake sale in the Student's Union, with all money raised going to the charity. At the cake sale, we've also decided to give out information about the next event that will be coming up so that people are given as much notice as possible. After having some fun, then, at Fresher's Fair and cheering people up with a cupcake (or five), it's going to get a bit more 'academic'; our event which uses the 'O' of SOPHIE (Stamp Out Prejudice, Hatred [and] Intolerance Everywhere)! We've decided to run an 'Open mic' night on campus and people can read their own poetry, a poem thats already published which they like and see as fitting, or even read a short story or a piece of fiction in general. Then, we go back to the fun; a student pub quiz for the 'S' of SOPHIE, complete with raffle (as Lucy termed it: "if you cant win with general knowledge, you can always rely on luck!" haha). Thus, the charity events in semester one will be done and hopefully by this time we'll have plenty of people knowing about the charity and its work :)

For semester two, we have a debate [which has now become lit vs language, as opposed to two separate events], an 'alternative' music night in the SU [with optional fancy dress!] and with any luck a session at EHU's Book Club using Catherine Smyth's book which documents Sophie's case. Busy, busy, busy!

So now I have to sort out roles for people. From contacting staff who might get involved, SU people who might be able to help/point me in the right direction, advertising, making posters, leaflets for on the days of the events, etc etc. I'll have to try not to implode :)

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